Vietnam attaches importance to Mekong-US partnership

Pham Huan, VOV correspondent in the US
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc attended a webinar to release a summary report from the first Mekong-US Partnership Track 1.5 Policy Dialogue on Wednesday, at the invitation of the Stimson Centre.
Vietnam attaches importance to Mekong-US partnership - ảnh 1Mekong-US Partnership Track 1.5 Policy Dialogue takes place online on September 15, 2021. (Photo: VOV correspondent in the US)

Ambassador Ngoc affirmed that Vietnam attaches great importance to the Mekong-US partnership, and pledged to working closely with the US and Mekong countries to effectively implement the signed programs and plans.

He applauded the outcome and recommendations of the Policy Dialogue and urged them to tighten cooperation in infrastructure development, digital economy, and clean and renewable energy.  The Ambassador urged US agencies, organizations, and businesses  to expand investment in the region, especially in the private sector, public-private partnerships (PPP), and key infrastructure projects. Mr. Ngoc suggested greater coordination to improve the Mekong sub-region’s resilience and adaptability to climate change and its sustainable management of water resources.

He also proposed closer Mekong-US partnership with other sub-regional cooperation mechanisms and frameworks such as Mekong - Japan, Mekong – the Republic Korea, Mekong - Ganga (with India) and Mekong - Lancang (with China).