Veteran musician Pham Tuyen's songs lift the nation's soul

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(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam on Tuesday night organized a talk show with musician Pham Tuyen on his 91st birthday. 
Veteran musician Pham Tuyen's songs lift the nation's soul  - ảnh 1Meeting with musician Pham Tuyen hosted by VOV (Photo: My Tra)

During the show Pham Tuyen talked with children, other musicians, singers, poets, journalists, and fans. He said, “This show hosted by the Voice of Vietnam is a great encouragement to me. Several reporters asked me why I wrote so many songs inspired by historical events. I answered that it’s because I've been in the press environment for a quarter of a century.”

The songs played during the show included “From Sen village,” “White stork wings in a mother’s lullaby,” “Truong Sa islands, there they are,” “Meeting in Hanoi's autumn sky," and other favorites. Pham Tuyen’s life has been devoted to music. He wrote nearly 700 songs, 200 of them songs for children. He is considered a musician of the people.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Ky, President of the Voice of Vietnam, said: “Musician Pham Tuyen and other musicians of his generation lifted the soul of the nation during the fierce resistance wars and later in the harsh national construction period. Vietnam owes its development to many contributors, including musicians like Pham Tuyen.”
On the 91st birthday of Pham Tuyen, the Writers Association Publishing House released a new book titled “Musician Pham Tuyen - Collection of 100 songs” and kicked off a project spanning his children's songs.