US-African Leaders Summit 2022 to focus on bilateral trade, investment

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(VOVWORLD) - About 50 African leaders are expected to join US President Joe Biden for a series of meetings over three days starting Tuesday, in which the US is expected to discuss the African Union’s role with India – the G20 president for 2023. 

The first US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, which was held in 2014 under then-President Barack Obama, announced private sector commitments to invest in and partner with African countries on initiatives in energy, financial services, climate change, food security and health care, among others.  

This year’s summit is expected to prioritize similar issues, while placing an even greater emphasis on bilateral trade and investment.

The summit will include new initiatives to increase US engagement with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), as well as to boost the continent’s COVID-19 recovery, bolster food security, and promote investment in infrastructure, health and renewable energy projects.

Activities during the summit will include a Civil Society Day, a Business Day  and a Leaders Day. There will also be an America-Africa Business Forum (USABF) jointly organized by the US Department of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce and the African Business Council, in cooperation with the Prosperity Initiative for African Trade and Property.

USABF will focus on promoting two-way trade and investment cooperation to strengthen Africa's role in the global economy.