US sends heavy bombers to Middle East

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(VOVWORLD) - The United States rapidly deployed several heavy bombers to the Middle East this week in an apparent threat to Iran, amid speculation that US President Donald Trump plans to take military action against Tehran before Joe Biden enters office

US sends heavy bombers to Middle East  - ảnh 1An American B-52H Stratofortress bomber. (Photo: AFP/VNA) 

The US Central Command said it sent two B-52H Stratofortress bombers on a “short-notice, long-range mission” from Minot Airbase in North Dakota to the Middle East.

The mission, the Central Command said in a press release, was “to deter aggression and reassure US partners and allies,” without specifying where they would be stationed.

It was the third time in the past year and a half that B-52 bombers, which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons and other powerful munitions, have been deployed to the region in tacit threats to Iran.