South Korea affirms no hostilities against the North

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(VOVWORLD) - South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong says recent calls by North Korea to drop what it calls hostile policies toward Pyongyang is a unilateral demand that cannot be accepted.  

Chung made the remark in response to a question by minor opposition People’s Party Representative Lee Tae-kyu during a parliamentary inspection session on Friday on whether South Korea or the U.S. can accept the North’s call to stop double-dealing and cease hostilities.

In related news, senior officials of South Korea, the US, and Japan on Friday discussed the North’s missile tests. During their tripartite talk, South Korean Deputy Minister of Defense Kim Man-ki, US Assistant to Secretary of Defense in charge of Indo-Pacific Affairs Ely Ratner, and Kazuo Masuda, an official of the Japanese Defense Ministry agreed to work closely on ways to respond to these issues in the future.