Soldiers on DK1 Platform welcome Lunar New Year

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - A number of activities are taking place on the DK1 Platform to welcome in the new Lunar New Year  festival or Tet.
Soldiers on  DK1 Platform welcome Lunar New Year  - ảnh 1Guests and soldiers on DK1 Platform wrap Chung cakes together. 

Gift sets have been brought to the platform from the mainland to ensure that soldiers stationed there will have a happy Tet.

Although he is away from home this Tet, Lieutenant Pham Nam Dan said he’s fortunate to enjoy the Tet festival with his comrades. He said: "Of course we miss our families a lot during Tet, being away from home. Knowing that they’re safe and sound and always thinking of us helps ease our homesickness. We’ve prepared everything needed for Tet and are always ready for any tasks assigned."   

Captain Vu Duy Hoang, deputy commander of the DK1 Platform, will be on duty at the Platform this Tet holiday. He told VOV: "In addition to my personal belongings, I’ve brought to the platform Tet gift sets, sticky rice, and “dong” leaves so that we can wrap Chung cakes and welcome the Lunar New Year together."