Russia bolsters new Syria base on Turkish border

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(VOVWORLD) - Russia has begun moving helicopters and other equipment to a new base on the Turkish border, state TV reported on Thursday, weeks after US forces left the area. 
Russia bolsters new Syria base on Turkish border - ảnh 1 (Photo:

Two Mi-35 attack helicopters and a transport helicopter were moved from the Hmeimim base on the Mediterranean to Qamishli airport in northeastern Syria, reported Zvezda television, which is run by Russia’s defense ministry.

Earlier reports suggested Russia had been negotiating a long-term lease of Qamishli airport, which is about 500 kilometers north-east of Hmeimim. Russia also sent ground support, fuel, and a meteorology team to Qamishli.

The Turks and Russians have agreed to launch joint patrols in the area to ensure that all Kurdish forces withdraw from the zone near the Turkish border.