Phu Yen sets two national records for food

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -Two Vietnamese records have been set in the central province of Phu Yen – the largest number of dishes created from lobster and the largest number of dishes cooked from tuna.

Within the framework of Phu Yen Culture and Tourism Week 2022 with the theme Tuna - Essence of the Sea that concluded on Sunday, 74 chefs attended the culinary programme to process 101 tuna dishes on the spot. The Vietnam Records Organisation (VietKings) has officially recognised it as the event of processing and presenting the largest number of tuna dishes in Vietnam. 

101 tuna dishes that set the national record were created with consultation of culinary specialists and artisans from the Centre for Conservation Research and Development of Vietnamese Cuisine and Saigon Professional Chefs Association to ensure the quality and presentation of dishes at the event.

Phu Yen sets two national records for food - ảnh 1According to the jury, the tuna dishes showcased the chefs’ thorough preparation and creativity. Photo courtesy of Vietkings

Some of the dishes featured in the event, besides the familiar ones like tuna salad, tuna eyes cooked with medicinal herbs, grilled tuna with chili peppers, or tuna steamed with é leaves, also included new ones like tuna cooked with salted egg and cheese sauce or dragon fruit buds mixed with tuna and served with tuna roll.

In 2021, VietKings also announced Phu Yen tuna included in Vietnam’s top 100 famous dishes and specialties.

The organisation has also granted a national record certificate to Song Cau town in Phu yen district for the largest number of lobster dishes cooked on Sunday, July 31, during the closing ceremony of the Lobster Festival celebrated in the locality.

Phu Yen sets two national records for food - ảnh 2Some among 100 dishes of lobster that set the national record on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Vietkings

The 100 dishes of lobster, cooked by 75 chefs, are divided into four main categories: salads and soups; grilled and fried dishes; stir-fried, braised, steamed, boiled dishes and rice and vermicelli dishes.