Lawmakers agree on revisions to many draft laws ​ ​

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(VOVWORLD) - Lawmakers on Monday discussed the draft law on amendments and supplements to several articles of the Criminal Procedure Code and the revised draft Law on Insurance Business. 
Lawmakers agree on revisions to many draft laws  ​  ​ - ảnh 1National Assembly deputies debate revisions to a number of laws on October 25, 2021. 

Approving the comprehensive amendment of the law after 20 years of implementation, the deputies suggested that the work should remove bottlenecks and obstacles, helping the insurance market develop more equally and sustainably. 

They proposed supplementing regulations on antitrust; strengthening the State management in insurance business activities; and revising the law in accordance with the trend of electronics and digitization.

The lawmakers also looked into the draft Law on amendments and supplements to several articles of the Statistics Law. They basically agreed with the need to such amendments in order to institutionalise the Party and State's guidelines, policies and laws on statistics work, create a legal basis for timely data collection, and assure the statistics’ objectivity and correctness, among others.