Investment in transport - key to Vietnam’s economic growth

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(VOVWORLD) - Improving its transportation network will be the key to Vietnam’s economic growth, an article in Borgen Magazine said Tuesday. 
Vietnam is at a crossroad in its development and requires investment in its transportation network to sustain and expand its growth, the article said. Since the 1986 economic reforms launched at the Communist Party of Vietnam’s 6th National Congress, Vietnam has experienced incredible economic growth. The article noted that improving transportation networks will have a profound impact on Vietnam’s infrastructure by increasing economic activity, connecting consumers with producers, decreasing the cost of transporting products and resources, and increasing the efficiency of transporting them. The article said the Vietnamese government has responded to this need by creating a nationwide connectivity project, the North-South Expressway. The 5-billion-USD project will build 2,109 kilometers of road, more than double the 1,000 kilometers of Vietnam’s current highways. The article said the project will revolutionize Vietnam’s transportation network. A new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Law will make investment in Vietnam’s transportation infrastructure projects simpler, less risky, and, therefore, more appealing, said the article.