Hanoi People's Court to pronounce verdict in Dong Tam case

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(VOVWORLD) -The Hanoi People's Court on Monday afternoon will pronounce a verdict on 29 defendants charged with murdering three policemen and resisting on-duty officers in a case that occurred in Dong Tam commune on the outskirts of Hanoi earlier this year.

Hanoi People's Court to pronounce verdict in Dong Tam case  - ảnh 1The trial panel (Photo: VNA) 

The People's Procuracy of Hanoi has recommended a death sentence for Le Dinh Cong and Le Dinh Chuc, life imprisonment for Le Dinh Doanh, 16-18 years in prison for Bui Viet Hieu and Nguyen Quoc Tien, and 14-16 years in prison for Nguyen Van Tuyen.

The prosecutors recommended reducing the charges against 19 defendants from murder to resisting on-duty officers, asking that three defendants be sentenced to 6-7 years in prison and 16 defendants to 18 months to 6 years. Four defendants originally charged with resisting on-duty officers were recommended sentences of 15 to 18 months, suspended.

The defendants have all apologized to the families of three policemen who were killed, and have asked for leniency.

The trial of the 29 defendants in the case began on September 7.