France warns that agreements with the UK are at risk

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(VOVWORLD) -  French Prime Minister Jean Castex on Tuesday called on the EC to get tougher with the UK over post-Brexit fishing rights. 
France warns that agreements with the UK are at risk - ảnh 1                  French Prime Minister Jean Castex (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Speaking in Parliament, Castex warned that if that is not enough, then France will refer the matter to the arbitration panel of the agreement to get the British to respect their word, and France will question all the conditions for global implementation of the agreements concluded under the aegis of the EU, and also, if necessary, the bilateral cooperation that France has with the UK.

Last Wednesday, France accused the UK of playing politics with post-Brexit fishing rights after the UK refused dozens of French fishing boats a license to operate in their territorial waters. French maritime minister Annick Girardin said the act is a new refusal by the UK to implement the conditions of the Brexit agreement despite all the work they have done together, adding that French fishing should not be taken hostage by the British for political ends.