Four South American countries confirm joint 2030 World Cup bid

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(VOVWORLD) - Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay Friday launched the Corporación Juntos 2030, a body to jointly bid for the hosting of the 2030 football World Cup. 

The sports ministers of the four countries signed the establishment of the Corporation to fulfill the first legal step they need to take to bid at FIFA.

South African countries want to bring World Cup to the region on the 100th anniversary of the biggest football festival on the planet.

The four countries are studying a proposal to organize the 2030 World Cup at 18 stadiums, including Uruguay's Centenario Stadium where the first World Cup final was held in 1930. Representatives of the four countries will meet again to elect the leadership of the Corporacion Juntos 2030.

FIFA will announce its decision of the 2030 World Cup host country in 2024. Other candidates are also racing to host the tournament, including Spain and Portugal and the joint bid of the United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.