Flavors of Vietnamese Tet featured in foreign media

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(VOVWORLD) -Vietnamese people’s celebration of Lunar New Year (Tet) has been featured in foreign media. India-based news site Wion ran an article entitled “Tet Holidays 2023: Vietnamese Lunar New Year origin, holiday dates, traditions & everything you need to know.”

Flavors of Vietnamese Tet featured in foreign media - ảnh 1

It said: “There are many ways in which the Vietnamese people welcome the Lunar New Year. The people follow old traditions to celebrate the festivities and bond with the family members on the special occasion. Families will be cleaning and decorating their homes to mark the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. As families prepare a feast to worship the three kitchen guardians and pray for a well-stocked kitchen for the rest of the year, this is often the time of year for family get-togethers.”

The South China Daily (China) and the Jakarta Times (Indonesia) explained why Vietnamese people welcome the Year of the Cat and not the Year of the Rabbit like some other Asian countries. Rice is an important part of Vietnam's agricultural economy, but the rice crop is often threatened by field rats, said South China Daily. Cats are the nemesis of mice and popular animals with Vietnamese people. The Jakarta Times said the Year of the Cat will bring a lot of luck and smooth sailing to Vietnamese people.

According to the French news site Sortira Paris (sortiraparis.com) the Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year for Vietnamese people. This is a tradition that has been maintained through many generations, the article said and suggested places to celebrate Tet in Paris for Vietnamese expatriates and international friends who want to learn about Vietnamese culture.