EU warns of twindemic of COVID-19, seasonal flu

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(VOVWORLD) - 240.8 million COVID-19 infections were reported globally by Saturday noon, 4.9 million of them died, according to 
EU warns of twindemic of COVID-19, seasonal flu - ảnh 1(Photo: AFP/VNA)

The US was the most affected country, followed by India and Brazil. Peru now has the worst number of per capita COVID-19 deaths at 606 per 100,000 people.

Latin America and the Caribbean is the region hardest hit by the pandemic, which has killed 1.5 million of the total of 45.4 confirmed patients. It is followed by the EU (1.3 million deaths and 70 million cases) and Asia (1.1 million deaths and 76.8 million cases).

The European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides warned on Friday that as winter comes, the circulation of viruses that cause COVID-19 and seasonal influenza could possibly trigger a "twindemic."