COVID-19 epidemic around the world

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(VOVWORLD) -The World Health Organization says the number of coronavirus infections has reached nearly 170,000 worldwide, with more than 6,500 deaths. The epidemic has spread to 157 countries and territories.

Europe’s two biggest Covid-19 outbreaks, in Italy and Spain, continue to grow despite nationwide lockdowns. Italy on Sunday reported 368 new deaths as the country's death toll hit more than 1,800 and the number of confirmed cases rose to almost 25,000. Spain reported nearly 8,000 infections and 288 deaths despite a nationwide lockdown that has banned people from leaving home except to go to work, get medical care, or buy food.

Leading medical experts in the UK have warned that up to 80% of the UK will be infected with coronavirus and the pandemic could last for a year. As many as 7.9 million people could be hospitalized due to the virus, they said. Thirty-five people have died in the UK from coronavirus and there are now nearly 1,400 confirmed cases.

France on Sunday confirmed more than 5,400 cases, up more than 900 cases in one day, the biggest single-day tally since the virus was detected in the country early this year. 127 people in France have died from COVID-19.

Germany on Sunday closed its borders with France, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and Luxemburg to prevent the further spread of Covid 19. Germany has reported 5,000 infections and 10 deaths.

The US reported 62 deaths and more than 3,200 people infected as of Sunday.