Ao Dai fashion show, highlight of Hue Festival 2018

Thu Hoa
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - An Ao Dai fashion show took place on Tuesday night as part of the ongoing Hue Festival, featuring the charming beauty of Vietnam’s iconic national dress.
  Ao Dai fashion show, highlight of Hue Festival 2018 - ảnh 1

(Photo: Quy Hoai)

Considered a highlight of the Festival, the show gathered top domestic fashion designers who turned back time to explore the history of Ao Dai.

The show’s director Nguyen Lan Vy said: “We have invited talented young designers like Ngo Nhat Huy, Viet Hung, and Nguyen Tuan, whose designs reflect Hue culture. Outstanding Ao Dai designs include fresh flowers.”

Designer Ngo Nhat Huy introduced a collection of 50 long dresses. “This collection stands out because I kept the original forms of Ao Dai for my works. As a Hue person, I understand the value of the Ao Dai and the character of the Hue long dress. The main colors used in this collection are purple, blue, red, and orange, which symbolize the Hue Royal Palace,” Huy said.

On Tuesday, a street festival called “the Color of Culture” made a final performance at the 2018 Hue Festival. Art troupes from Vietnam, Poland, Sri Lanka, and China performed on the main streets of Hue.

Nethmi Disanayaka of the Sri Lanka art troupe said: “It’s Sri Lanka’s traditional items. This is our traditional costumes. The performance is about regions and beliefs of our nation. What our master is wearing is the costumes of Western Sri Lankan people.”