Animated film wins first prize in Film Pitching contest

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(VOVWORLD) - "The Mammoth School", an animated film, has won first prize at the Film Pitching contest jointly organised by the Vietnam Film Development Association (VFDA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPA).

Animated film wins first prize in Film Pitching contest - ảnh 1Ngân Zeta (right) at an interview after the workshop(Photo

The film by Ngan Zeta, a young freelance screenwriter, is a story about a 13-year-old girl who goes to a Mammoth School for intelligent animals but is discriminated against for being human.

The second prize was awarded to "Once Upon a Time in Hanoi" by Doan Tan Dat, a film about the journey of a young man named Tam, who gets caught in a dangerous and unexpected trip by train to Saigon, then flees to France to form Tu Luc Van Doan, the biggest art and literature movement in Vietnam in the first half of 20th century.

The two winners were selected from 10 finalists with outstanding film projects in Vietnam.

After the contest, the first prize winner will participate in a short filming course in the United States, while the second will be provided with a set of filmmaking accessories.

The 10 finalists were selected from 41 ideas to enter the pitching round.