340 Vietnamese citizens repatriated from Republic of Korea

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(VOVWORLD) - A Vietnam Airlines plane landed at Da Nang International Airport on Wednesday, bringing home 340 Vietnamese citizens who have been stranded in the Republic of Korea due to COVID-19.

340 Vietnamese citizens repatriated from Republic of Korea - ảnh 1

The majority of Vietnamese nationals on board the flight were made up of minors under 18, students who graduated from universities in the RoK but have been left with no accommodation, the elderly, sick individuals, tourists, and migrant workers whose work visas have expired.

After landing safely at the airport, all passengers received a standard medical check-up and were subsequently transferred to quarantine facilities in line with current health regulations.

The flight was made possible by national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines in collaboration with the Vietnamese embassy in RoK and other relevant agencies.

More repatriation flights will be considered, depending on the future developments of the pandemic abroad, the quarantine capacity of Vietnamese localities, and demand among Vietnamese nationals based in other countries.