2020 is the hottest year on record in Europe

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(VOVWORLD) -2020 was the warmest year recorded in Europe, with greenhouse gases at the highest level in 18 years, according to a study on climate. 
2020 is the hottest year on record in Europe - ảnh 1Globally, 2020 was one of three warmest years on record, with the last six years being the warmest six on record. (Photo: Copernicus Climate Change Service)

The European State of the Climate report said that CO2 and CH4 concentrations increased by 0.6% and nearly 0.8%, respectively, the highest annual level since 2003, when satellite observations began to be made.  

Europe's annual temperature in 2020 was the highest on record - at least 0.4C (0.72F) warmer than the next five warmest years, which were all in the last decade.

Last year saw the largest number of sunshine hours in Europe since satellite records began in 1983.

During winter 2020, temperatures are 3.4 ° C above average. (5.76 degrees F). Parts of northwestern and northeastern Europe saw a "remarkable transition... from a wet winter to a dry spring, affecting river discharge, soil moisture conditions and vegetation growth," the report added.