20 prizes presented to OVs singing folk songs on VOV

Thu Hang ​
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Twenty prizes were presented at Wednesday’s award ceremony for overseas Vietnamese showing their folk singing talent on the radio.
20 prizes presented to OVs singing folk songs on VOV - ảnh 1VOV President Do Tien Sy at the award ceremony (Photo: VOV)

VOV President Do Tien Sy, said: “The contest results have proved that VOV is a source of spiritual motivation for the overseas Vietnamese community to rise up in the host country and become more and more attached to the homeland."

He said he hopes that "through this contest, the movement of learning folk songs will be spread among the Vietnamese community in many parts of the world. By this way, the younger generation can learn the Vietnamese language well, sing folk songs, and preserve the traditional culture.”

20 prizes presented to OVs singing folk songs on VOV - ảnh 2

Jointly organized by the Voice of Vietnam and State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs under the Foreign Ministry, the contest coincided with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Overseas Vietnamese Section of VOV World Service.

After nearly six months since its launch in the middle of May, the contest received 150 entries from OVs in 130 countries and territories worldwide. 97 of the best folk songs have been posted on the website at vovworld.vn.

Two second prizes were presented to Cam Quynh, an overseas Vietnamese in Italy, and Vu Quang Nam in Germany. There are three third prizes, seven consolation prizes, and eight specialized prizes.

Cam Quynh expressed her feeling after receiving the award: “Folk songs and Cai luong melodies are the traditional culture, inspiring me to participate in the contest. Thanks to the contest, I learned more folk songs from different regions. There remain many Vietnamese people who still love this music genre and be ready to pass folk songs to their descendants so that the genre will not be faded.”