Top suggestions for 0.5 USD breakfast around Hanoi

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -Fried Chung cakes, congee, sticky rice, and baguettes are some of the choices available for tourists looking to enjoy a breakfast costing just VND10,000 (or US$0.43) in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

With 10,000 VND on hand, a fried Chưng cake (square sticky rice cake) is an excellent suggestion. The cake is simply sliced into small pieces and pan-fried. A fried Chưng cake is both crispy and appetising when it is combined with sweet chili sauce or soyabean sauce

Travelers can also taste cháo (congee) costing just VND10,000 for breakfast in Hanoi. It can be eaten on the sidewalk with a small plastic chair. Here, visitors can have the chance to enjoy a hot bowl of rice porridge in the morning. Cháo đậu xanh (green been congee) or đậu đen (black bean congee) with fried tofu and cà muối (salted egg plants) and Cháo sườn (pork rib congee) are different kinds of congee that travelers can choose for breakfast.

Xôi (Sticky rice) is a popular morning dish which is mostly sold by street vendors. Sticky rice is often wrapped in lotus leaves with each package costing VND10,000. The dish is made using steamed glutinous rice (or sticky rice), together with other ingredients such as cereals (peanuts, mung beans, black beans, seasames), fruits (mango, sweet gourd), or meat (pork, bird, chicken). Sticky rice is tasty, healthy, and especially affordable.

Bánh dày giò is a white, flat, and round glutinous rice cake. They are wrapped in cut pieces of banana leaves and are usually served with a type of Vietnamese sausage known as giò lụa. It is a dish most often associated with the childhood of many generations in Hanoi.

If travelers need a breakfast that is cheap, easy to find, and can be taken anywhere, then dumplings are the perfect choice. Currently, dumplings have become more diverse with many fillings such as chicken, mushrooms, cheese, and beef. Traditional dumplings with pork, vermicelli, and quail eggs remain hugely popular dishes.

With 10,000 VND in pocket, a tourist is able to buy baguette served with one of the ingredients including pate, egg, butter sauce, or meat skewers. A nutritious breakfast with bread, meat, and some vegetables will help you to fully recharge for a new energetic day.

According to travel website Taste Atlas, Bánh giò is a stuffed rice flour dumpling that is the favorite with northerners. This typical dish is made of rice flour and pork or chicken broth with a savory filling that combines ground pork, shallots, wood ear mushrooms, and seasonings.