Tớ dày flowers bring spring to Mu Cang Chai

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(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s northern mountain region are blanketed with “tớ dày” or wild peach blossoms during these days.

In December, Mu Cang Chai rural district in Vietnam’s northwestern region is coated in pink wild peach blossoms. (Photo: Thinh Dao)

The flowers can only be found in the mountains 1,000 meters above sea level. (Photo: Pham Hoang Cuong)

The blooming season of “tớ dày”” flowers often begins late November and early December, starting with tiny blossoms. (Photo: Pham Hoang Cuong)

(Photo: Pham Hoang Cuong)

These tiny blossoms grow in full bloom over night (Photo: Labor Newspaper)

“Tớ dày” blossoms look best from the end of December to late January. (Photo: Labor Newspaper)

According to village elders, Mong ethnic people first saw these flowers on their way to the forests long ago .

(Photo: Dinh Tuan/VOV)

Tớ dày flowers have thick pink petals with long red pistils. (Photo: Dinh Tuan/VOV)

(Photo: VOV)

(Photo: Thinh Hao)

Local Mong people wear new clothes and play the panpipe to welcome their traditional New Year on the last lunar month. (Photo: VOV)

The first “tớ dày” Flower Festival takes place in Mu Cang Chai on December 24, 2022. (Photo: baoyenbai.com.vn)

“Tớ dày” flower becomes a unique tourism attraction of Mu Cang Chai. (Photo: yenbai.gov.vn)