Stunning beauty of violet flowers leading to Ta Chi Nhu peak

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Located in northern mountainous province of Yen Bai, Ta Chi Nhu peak is a mesmerising sight with its clouds and vast areas of violet flowers which can be seen along its slopes in September and October.

Travelling along the slopes on the way to Ta Chi Nhu peak, tourists are left surrounded by wild violet-coloured flowers called chi pau, meaning "unknown" in the ethnic H’Mong language.

September and October is typically the best time to trek in order to see the flowers in full bloom.

The flowers typically blossom for around two to three weeks.

Dubbed the “Roof of Yen Bai Province”, the 2,979-metre Ta Chi Nhu peak in Tram Tau district is the nation’s seventh highest.

The peak first went viral among the Vietnamese trekking community in 2013 after several photo albums of the mountain were uploaded on the Internet and described as "heaven on earth".

September and October is thought to be the best time to trek to see the flowers, while November to March is ideal for cloud chasing, according to experienced travelers.

Trekkers start their journey to Ta Chi Nhu peak.

Travelers set up camp outdoors at Ta Chi Nhu peak as they chase clouds and take photographs of wild violet-coloured flowers in the early morning.

Violet-coloured flowers chi pau cover the slopes leading to the mountain’s peak.