Painter promotes Vietnamese ethnic minority outfits

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(VOVWORLD) - Painter Nguyen Hoang Anh from Hanoi has made thousands of dolls wearing outfits of Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups, which are sold at airports and souvenir shops along Hanoi streets.

Painter Nguyen Hoang Anh lives in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi. He has created thousands of dolls wearing the outfits of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic minority groups. (Photo: VNA)

Painter Hoang Anh said that painting is his main job and making dolls is a side job that he does to relax and relieve stress in life. (Photo: VNA)

(Photo: VNA)

Anh has designed 46 doll models wearing costumes of Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups and made 5,000 dolls of various sizes. (Photo: VNA)

He makes clothes of all ehtnic groups such as the Dao, Mong, Thai, Tay, Ha Nhi, and Lo Lo.(Photo: VNA)



Anh also draws pictures of mountain and highland scenery to match the dolls. An ethnic girl wears her traditional clothes and behind her is a picture of her locality to create a homogeneous space. (photo: