Mysterious temple on undersea path in Ba Ria-Vung Tau

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(VOVWORLD) - Hon Ba temple was built on Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau city, in the southern province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. People can visit the temple by boat or on foot depending on the tides. When the tides are out, especially on the full moon day every month, a 200-meter road leading to Hon Ba temple will gradually emerge. Most visitors chose to walk for an exciting experience.

Hon Ba temple was built in the 19th century to worship the gods believed by local residents to protect them from natural disasters and help fishermen with their offshore fishing. (Photo: @tam.maris)

The poetic beauty of Hon Ba Island in Vung Tau city. (Photo: @princebon)

On low-tide days, visitors can walk to Hon Ba temple on a jagged stone path. (Photo: @jkhobson)

Visitors can arrive at Hon Ba temple by boat if they cannot walk. They will have to enter the harbour to the east of the island before starting the journey. (Photo: Phuong Hang)

Visitors walk on a 200-meter undersea road which emerges when the tide is out. (Photo: @tuanto278)

Hon Ba temple is a well-known spiritual destination in Vung Tau. (Photo: @jkhobson)

In the temple, people worship many gods, especially Thuy Long Than Nu. (Photo: @jkhobson)

Visitors can enjoy many interesting activities such as collecting oysters. (Photo: @ttgiianng)