Hanoi’s largest flower village busy preparing for Tet

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -With about two weeks to go before Tet, the Lunar New Year, farmers in Tay Tuu village, the largest flower growing area in Hanoi, are busy amassing flowers to meet customer demand in Hanoi and nearby areas.

Located in Bac Tu Liem district approximately 20 km from the centre of Hanoi, Tay Tuu village supplies flowers to the capital and other northern provinces. In mid-December (on the lunar calendar), farmers begin preparing for the biggest flower harvest of the year. (Photo: VTC)

The flowers grown in Tay Tuu at the end of the year are mainly lilies, chrysanthemums, and roses. (Photo: VTC)

(Photo: anninhthudo.vn)

A field of lilies begins to bud and bloom. (Photo: BaoCongThuong)

Farmers harvest roses in Tay Tuu flower village. (Photo: VNA)

Farmers pruning flowers in preparation for the biggest harvest of the year. (Photo: PhapLuatvaXaHoi)

(Photo: Nguoiduatin)

In order for the flowers to bloom for the Lunar New Year, most of the flowers are grown in net houses or lit in the evening. (Photo: VTC)

At the beginning of the 9th lunar month, people start preparing for the Tet flower season. When 12th lunar month comes, the pace of work is even busier-watering and tending the flowers to ensure they mature at the right pace to bloom simultaneously and beautifully for New Year's Day. (Photo: VTC)

Flower growers in Tay Tuu share that in addition to planting techniques, the decisive factor is the weather. If it is sunny and warm and the humidity is high, the flowers will bloom easily, but if it rains continuously, the flowers will not flourish. (Photo: PhapLuatvaXaHoi)

Although the weather has been irregular, this year the Tay Tuu flowers have bloomed beautifully, promising a high yield. (Photo: Nguoiduatin)

Many gardeners in Tay Tuu rush to cut early-blooming chrysanthemums for market. (Photo: anninhthudo.vn)

(Photo: Nguoiduatin)

Chrysanthemums are piled up for the Hanoi market and to be brought by traders to other provinces in the North. (Photo: VTC)