Artistic road along Red River conveys message of environmental protection

Duc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The road along the Red River in Phuc Tan ward, which used to gather a lot of waste, has become a unique art space made from plastic bottles, broken glass fragments, and plastic waste.

A 7-meter boat assembled from 5,000 mirror pieces by artist Can Van An reflects Long Bien Bridge

“Elephant”, inspired by Vietnamese culture, by Australian artist Goerge Burchett

“Circles” made from wheel rims and spray painted plastic, an installation inspired by urban traffic by Trinh Minh Tien

Artist Nguyen The Son created an installation from scrap iron and stainless steel depicting street vendors and workers at the Red River wharf. Two reliefs with a total length of 6m, called the "Fishery and Agriculture"

“Modern Giong Gods” by Nguyen Tran Uu Dam shows two "knights" riding motorbikes against their own made-up pythons: noise, air pollution, contaminated food, fine dust, and the threat of disease

"Boat" by Vu Xuan Dong consists of 4 sailboats made from 10,000 plastic bottles, recalling a dock on the Red River bank more than 100 years ago

The work uses plastic bottles and boxes of motor oil on galvanized iron frames to convey a message of environmental protection and limiting waste plastic to save our rivers

Nguyen Ngoc Lam's “Riverside City” is made of old drums

"A tram of Xam" by Pham Khac Quang is made of old pieces of steel backed by scraps of multi-colored plastic bags

This work depicts Xam singing in old Hanoi being performed on a tram carrying people around the city

A work by Vuong Van Thao with broken ceramic plates depicting temples and village gates in Hanoi's Old Quarter

The "Wall of Fame" by artist Tran Hau Yen The, a lecturer at the Vietnam Fine Arts School

These new artworks attract many visitors and raise public awareness of environmental protection

The project has made a difference, changing local people's perception of a green and clean environment