Nam Cau Kien Eco-IP: Digital transformation is key to sustainable development

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(VOVWORLD) - Located in Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city, Shinec Nam Cau Kien (Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park) is a leading ecological industrial park in Vietnam, developing in a socio-economic, green and sustainable manner. This is a pioneering project in the development of ecological, circular and heritage‑style industrial parks. With a chain of symbiotic links in the circular economy model, Nam Cau Kien has applied digital transformation for governance and sustainable development.

 Nam Cau Kien resembles an ecological area with gardens and fish ponds. Production areas and factories are well-organized on nearly 170 hectares out of a total of 263 hectares of land. 60% of the land is used for industry and the remainder is reserved for building social infrastructure, such as parks, trees, public land, and transportation infrastructure.

Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park has attracted more than 60 investors from countries and territories around the world, including Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong (China). 100% of industrial land has been occupied and the IP is working on the second phase of construction..

Pham Hong Diep, Chairman of Shinec Joint Stock Company, the primary investor of Nam Cau Kien IP, said the company’s leaders have realized the inevitable trend of applying information technology in ecological IPs.

“Digital transformation plays an extremely important role in improving production and management, especially for a facility housing nearly 100 domestic and foreign businesses operating in diverse industries. In addition to a knowledgeable management staff with fundamental expertise and management skills, digital technology is badly needed to better handle customer request, improve productivity and management and create added value,” said Diep.

Nam Cau Kien Eco-IP: Digital transformation is key to sustainable development  - ảnh 1

Pham Hong Diep, Chairman of Shinec Joint Stock Company, the primary investor of Nam Cau Kien IP (Photo: Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park)

Nam Cau Kien IP started digitization in 2018 with the Digital Transformation Project using, a comprehensive business management software platform.

The items applying digital transformation at Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park are integrated into a single platform, helping management administer work, while evaluating the results and performance of the personnel. These include: online documentation with 24/24 integration of employee accounts; evaluating personnel and preparing reports on them based on their assigned tasks, progress, level and results completed during the evaluation period; financial and environmental management; information management and communication through publishing applications, posting internal and external documents, electronic signatures, the management of resources and meeting rooms; and workshop agendas.

“Digital transformation in the operational management system is the first step in the process of innovation and sustainable development at the Nam Cau Kien eco‑industrial park chain in the medium and long term. Mastering technology and management through software helps us run the business smoothly, and comprehensively manage the environment, production, and workers. We also aim to develop the ecosystem chain nationwide, so digital transformation is an important key to reducing time, raise investment efficiency, leading to better management through the IT system,” said Chairman Diep.

Nam Cau Kien Eco-IP: Digital transformation is key to sustainable development  - ảnh 2Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park in Hai Phong (Photo: Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park)

Nam Cau Kien has become a role model of digital transformation. Heru Kutanto, Director of the Department of Industry under the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, commented on the green and sustainable ecological model at the IP and how it has applied digital transformation to its management system.

“We are surprised to see many businesses coexisting and integrating in an area that is green, beautiful and in harmony with nature. This complex operates in a smooth, closed, and circular manner through its digital management system. We highly appreciate the Vietnamese government’s commitments and policies in building such eco-industrial parks,” he said. 

In the coming time, the Nam Cau Kien IP Management Board will continue to work with Base to update information technology to faciliate their performance and develop new eco‑industrial park projects throughout Vietnam.