Wednesday September 9, 2020

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(VOVWORLD) - First of all, we’d like to thank you for applauding VOV’s 75th founding anniversary. Azam Ali Soomro sent us his best wishes from Pakistan. He said: “I would like to congratulate you on your 75th anniversary. I must say that the Voice of Vietnam is the best way for me to know Vietnam from a different and wider perspective. I’m very interested in Vietnam and the Voice of Vietnam is my first and most reliable source of information.”


A: Saleem Akhtar Chadhar of Pakistan said: “Big congratulations on the 75th anniversary of VOV. VOV has played a vital role in connecting nations, cultures, and civilizations. We are proud to be part of VOV’s family.”

B: Another Pakistani listener, Kalab Abbas, said: “I extend my heartiest greetings and congratulations from Pakistan on the occasion of the Voice of Vietnam's 75th founding anniversary. I hope that our friendship will be very strong, long lasting, and closer in the future. Happy Birthday to the Voice of Vietnam and the VOV5 English Service.”

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A: Sanil Deep, a friend in India, wrote: “Congratulations on Vietnam’s National Day and VOV’s 75th anniversary. I share your joy. Today I heard your special program to mark the 75th birthday of the VOVworld service. I was able to hear the voice of old announcers, taking me back 40 years when I used to listen in the 80's. The special program I listened to was one of VOV’s most memorable programs. Thanks for giving the opportunity to share the experience. I’m looking at an old QSL dated June 11, 1982, which I received while I was still in college. Your staff’s hard work has made you a success in all fields. I wish you continued success.”

B: We sincerely thank you all for your unending support for the Voice of Vietnam over the last 75 years. Our former staff were very enthusiastic about talking about their careers and their memories of listeners who have been listening to us since the war.

A: We’re happy to read your commentary, which shows us that our programs are listened to with interest. VOVWORLD is always improving its programs to satisfy listener demand.

B: We’re running a new listener survey. The questionnaire is posted on our Facebook page at VOV5 English Service. We have also sent it to your email address. Thank you for taking 5-10 minutes to complete this survey.

A: VOV made a recent change to its frequencies. We’d like to remind listeners that as from September 1 we temporarily halted broadcasting on the frequency of 7315 khz beaming to the East Coast of the US and the 12020 khz to Indonesia because of technical problems. Indonesian listeners can still catch us at 23:30, 10:00, 12:30, and 15:00 UTC on 9840 khz. 

B: We hope our North American audience will continue to listen to VOV’s English programs on the internet at or on our mobile app at VOV Media. Other frequencies remain unchanged. VOV will continue to serve as a bridge linking Vietnam with our many international friends and as a window on Vietnam, its land and its people.

A: I’m reading letters from Fumito Hokamura of Japan and his reception reports for several programs in July and August. Fumito listens to us every day and regularly sends us letters by post. He says he loves Vietnam and listens to VOV to learn more about Vietnam.

B: Fumito said he was interested in a report about poems about Hanoi. The capital city resists the flow of time to preserve its ancient values from a millennium ago.

A: Hanoi is the center of Vietnam’s poetry tradition and the birthplace of many Vietnamese poets. The city often hosts events connecting poets inside and outside Vietnam, including Vietnam Poetry Day, the International Conference on Vietnamese Literature, and the International Poem Festival. Poems about Hanoi have been written in a wide range of styles ancient and new. 

B: Modern Hanoi is a popular topic for young poets. Some great poems that have been set to music include “Is it autumn in Hanoi?”, “Hanoi without rain this season”, and “The day I return to Hanoi”. Stay tuned to enjoy a song based on the poem “Is it you Hanoi’s autumn?” by To Nhu Chau.

A: I’m checking an email from Debakamal Hazarika of India. He listened to a “Colorful Vietnam - Vietnam's 54 Ethnic Groups” program about White Hmong women in Ha Giang province. Debakamal said: “I learned a lot about the culture and customs of White Hmong women from this program. I really enjoyed  your informative story.”

A: Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups are culturally diverse, but have become bound to each other by shared struggles against foreign invaders, a fight for national independence, and efforts to build a nation. Each group has its own language, literature, and cultural identity, but some groups share similarities in clothing, food, social relations, wedding and funeral rites, worship, arts, and entertainment. 

B: Every Monday our “Colorful Vietnam - Vietnam’s 54 Ethnic Groups” segment looks at how these groups are trying to preserve their ancient traditions while adapting to modern life.

A: Siddhartha Bhattacharjee of India asked us about our unemployment rate during the COVID-19 pandemic and how our government is dealing with it.

B: It has been reported that 900,000 workers are out of work. Many people are working less than 8 hours per day. The service sector has been the hardest hit, followed by industry and construction, and agriculture, forestry and fishery.

A: The COVID-19 pandemic has had the worst impact on Vietnam’s unemployment rate in the past decade.

B A number of support packages have been proposed to support businesses and encourage employees to improve their skills to meet the labor demands of a post-pandemic period that some are calling  "the new normal".

A: The government’s support packages are to benefit million people affected by the pandemic. The beneficiaries fall into three categories: household businesses that have had to close down, workers with work contracts but no unemployment benefits, and laid-off workers with no work contract. 

B: Vietnam has gone more than a week with no new COVID-19 transmissions in the community. Da Nang city, the epicenter of the second wave of coronavirus infection, has lifted its social distancing rules and resumed normal passenger transportation to other provinces and cities.

A: It’s welcome news for the people of Da Nang and adjacent localities that hotels, restaurants, food shops, and tourist services can reopen – while  maintaining health safety precautions, of course.

B: Ho Chi Minh City authorities authorized the reopening of bars and clubs on September 7, after more than a month of no new local transmissions. Vietnam’s economy is gradually recovering – under “new normal” norms.

A: The situation appears to be under control and we’re hoping Vietnam will now safely return to normal life.

B:  Thank you all for sending us your detailed reception reports. We’ll confirm them with e-QSL cards.

A: We welcome your feedback at: English Service, VOVworld, the Voice of Vietnam, 45 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi, Vietnam. You can email us at:

B: You’re invited to visit us online at, where you can hear both live and recorded programs. Check out our VOV Media App, available on both the IOS and Android platform, to hear our live broadcasts. We look forward to your feedback on the mobile version of Once again, thank you all for listening. Goodbye until next time.


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