Wednesday October 12, 2022

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(VOVWORLD) - This week, VOV English section and VOVWorld continued to receive a lot of letters and emails from listeners worldwide.
Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 1Vietnam is elected to the UN Human Right Council at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (source: UN)

B: We’d like to thank you all for responding to our survey which was designed to improve our service for listeners around the world. We hope to continue to receive your support and feedback on our broadcasts and website at

A: This week, VOVWorld received more than 400 letters and emails from listeners of 38 countries and territories.

B: Stefan Druschke of Germany expressed his delight at the good reception of VOV broadcasts which he said enabled him to enjoy the program fully. He particularly likes the Discovery Vietnam segment through which he learns more about Vietnam and its beautiful landscapes.

A: Juan Franco Crespo of Spain wrote: “ I would like to express my sincere greetings to you all. Thank you for your tireless efforts delivering the news to listeners.”

B: Many listeners also shared their sympathy for people in central Vietnam who suffered due to typhoon Noru that hit the region last month. They expressed their wish for local people to overcome the consequences quickly and recover their normal life.

A: This week, we continued to receive daily feedback from Bidhan Chandra Sanyal of India. In his correspondence on October 8, he wrote: “Vietnam's humanitarian achievements are undeniable  The Vietnamese government has always prioritized helping the poor in its development policies. Rights of vulnerable groups such as elderly women, children and the disabled are guaranteed in Vietnam. The country has done a lot to ensure peace and national independence. Not only that, for several years, Vietnam has actively participated in humanitarian activities in the United Nations humanitarian mission in South Sudan.  I strongly believe that Viet Nam will be appointed to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 term. With love.”

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 2The Vietnamese delegation attends the voting at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York

B: Thank you, Mr. Sanyal, very much for your regular feedback on our programs and for your support, Vietnam is now a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 term after winning a vote at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

A: With its seat in the UNHCR, Vietnam will have opportunities to contribute to promoting all human rights on the basis of impartiality, cooperation and dialogue.

B: This is the second time Vietnam has been elected to the UNHCR. The country was elected to the council for the first time in 2013 for the 2014-2016 tenure.

A: This week, Siddhartha Bhattacharjee and many other listeners asked about eating a vegetarian diet in Vietnam.

B: Vegetarianism is widely followed by a large number of religious people, especially Buddhist followers. Nowadays, not only as a religious belief, vegetarianism has become a choice for a healthy way of eating.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 3Vegetarianism is widely followed by a large number of religious people, especially Buddhist followers

A: Having vegetarian food on the first and 15th day of the lunar month or four times a month has become a habit among Buddhists. Many of them eat vegetarian food for a week or a month to uphold Buddhism’s spirit. Vegetarianism has been adopted by many non-religious people as it helps improve health.

B: Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is on the rise among young people, including in Vietnam. Along with health and religious reasons, veganism and vegetarianism also express their responsibility for the environment. 

A: Ingredients for veggie dishes are meticulously chosen. They must be fresh and highly nutritious, and have a clear origin.

B: As life has become better for many people, be they Buddhist or non-Buddhist followers, becoming vegetarian has improved their mental and physical health. As a result, vegetarian restaurants have been booming. Each restaurant has a different style.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 4There is a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, from desserts, pho, noodle to fried dishes.

A: There is a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, from desserts, pho, noodle to fried dishes. The dishes are very diverse including pork paste, chicken drumsticks, and fried fish, all made from vegetables and fruits. They are prepared to suit the tastes of people in different regions.

B: Vegetarian restaurants are attracting visitors with their relaxed and cosy interiors as well as their variety of vegetarian dishes which ensure nutrients, food hygiene, and safety.

A: Nowadays, vegetarian food is sold not only at markets but also in shops and big supermarkets. Types of vegetarian food vary from instant, semi-processed to frozen, and come with a range of different spices.

B: According to retailers, in recent years vegetarian food has seen stable growth. At the same time, new kinds of products have been introduced into the market, especially on special occasions like festivals and full moon days.

A: Next is a letter from Fumito Hokamura of Japan. He sent us a reception report on our September 14 broadcast. He wrote: “I enjoyed your programs very much. My favorite programs are Discovery Vietnam and the Saturday music program.”

B: Thank you, Mr. Hokamura, for your regular feedback on VOV’s English and Japanese programs.

A: This week, Oum Ravy of Cambodia asked about Hanoi Book Festival 2022.  The Festival opened on Friday in celebration of the 68th anniversary of Capital Liberation Day, October 10th. The event gathered 35 publishing houses and book distribution companies nationwide.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 5Hanoi Book Festival opens to mark the 68th anniversary the Capital Liberation Day, October 10th (photo: VNA)

B: Held annually since 2014, the Hanoi Book Festival returned this year after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival includes book launch ceremonies, book and copyright exchanges, and competitions.

A: Buhthat of Indonesia asked about the number of bridges over the Red River  and which is the most beautiful.

B: There are 8 bridges over the Red River in Hanoi. Hanoi plans to build 10 more bridges by 2050.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 6Nhat Tan bridge

A: Nhat Tan Bridge, also known as the Vietnam-Japan Friendship Bridge, was inaugurated in January 2015. It is the first cable-stayed bridge in Hanoi with a total length of 8.9km and five spans, representing the capital city's five ancient gates. The bridge was opened together with the Nhat Tan-Noi Bai Highway which shortens the travel time between Noi Bai International Airport and downtown Hanoi.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 7Dong Tru bridge

B: Dong Tru Bridge opened in October 2014. The 1.1km bridge across the Duong River in Long Bien district has eight lanes. It is 55m wide and has two 80m side-spans and a 120m central span. The bridge was built using concrete-filled steel arches, the first time this technology had been used in Southeast Asia. It is also the widest bridge in Vietnam.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 8Thang Long bridge

A: Thang Long Bridge was under construction from 1974 to 1985. The 3 km long bridge connects Hanoi with Noi Bai Airport. The bridge has two levels with a railway line and motorcycle lanes on the bottom tier and lanes for cars and pedestrians on the top tier.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 9Thanh Tri bridge

B: Thanh Tri Bridge opened in 2007. It is one of the longest and widest reinforced concrete bridges in Vietnam, and also one of the most innovative. Modern bridge construction techniques such as a Movable Scaffolding System were introduced in Vietnam for the first time during its construction. The bridge is 33m wide and has six lanes connecting eastern Hanoi and National Highway 1A.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 10Vinh Tuy bridge

A: Vinh Tuy bridge opened in 2010 connecting the center of Hanoi with National Highway 5 to Hai Phong and Quang Ninh province. The 9.5 km bridge was originally 19m wide but was later expanded to 38m.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 11Chuong Duong bridge

B: Under construction from 1983 to 1986, Chuong Duong Bridge was the first big bridge in Vietnam to be designed and built by local engineers without technical assistance from foreign experts, and is therefore considered a symbol of Vietnamese intelligence and creativity. The 1.2 km long bridge helped to ease the traffic burden on Long Bien Bridge.

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - ảnh 12Long Bien bridge

A: The 2.3 km Long Bien Bridge was built between 1899 and 1902 by the French and was the first steel bridge to cross the Red River.

B: As the only bridge across the Red River to connect Hanoi to Hai Phong port city, it played a crucial role in many important events in Vietnam’s history, including the independence wars.

A: The bridge was initially called the Doumer Bridge after Paul Doumer, the French Governor-General of Indochina in 1897. At the time of construction, in was one of the world's largest bridges, and one of the most important projects in the region. After Vietnam’s liberation, it was renamed the Long Bien Bridge.

B: For over 100 years, the bridge has seen many changes, and has become a symbol of Vietnam's history.

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