Wednesday July 24, 2019

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(VOVWORLD) - This week, we received a lot of greetings regarding Vietnam’s Hoi An being honored by travel magazine Travel + Leisure and Google Doodle.

B: Shri Bhagwan Sharma of India wrote: “Congratulation and best wishes to Hoi An for getting honored on Google Doodle. It is the first Vietnamese destination to be so honored by Google. The ancient town of Hoi An has made a huge leap on the “Top 15 Cities in the world” list of travel magazine Travel+Leisure, from its 8th position last year to the number one spot this year. It is people’s choice of destination and world travel attraction.”

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 1(Photo: Shutterstock/Judyta Jastrzebska - Hoi An ancient town by the Hoai river) 

A: Mr. Sharma was also interested in our story about Central Vietnam being named 6th Asia Pacific place to visit by the Lonely Planet. He wrote: “It’s a great pleasure for Vietnam to be named by the Lonely Planet as the 6th Asia Pacific Travel and Tourism Destination. Pagoda bridge in Hoi An ancient city has got this honor. Hoi An is an ancient city spreading its charm among the world travelers. Great to hear this news as an Indian listener of VOV.”

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 2 (Photo: Shutterstock/Tang Trung Kien) 

A: Thank you, Mr. Sharma, for your kind words. Global online accommodation reservations provider Agoda in its list of six world-famous cities and towns that provide backpackers and foreign tourists with the most beautiful cycling routes selected Hoi An as one of world’s six best places to explore on bicycles.

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 3 (photo: Shutterstock/Tang Trung Kien - Hoi An pedestrian street) 

B: The city has been a pioneer in Vietnam since 2004 for ensuring pedestrian-friendly streets. Motorbikes and cars are banned from the town center for large parts of the day – from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., making bicycles the most ideal choice for foreigners to explore the town.

A: Last year, Hoi An ranked second on the list of 10 safest and most exciting places on the earth for solo travelers by travel editors at Momondo, a UK based travel site.

B: UNESCO describes Hoi An as an outstanding material manifestation of the fusion of cultures over time in an international commercial port, as well as an exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional Asian trading port.

A: Hoi An has also been named by CNN as one of 13 places where the landscapes and architecture are timeless, the views rightly famous, and the romance guaranteed. The town may have rocketed in popularity in recent years, but crowds of visitors can't detract from the undeniably quaint and romantic feel of this former trading port, the US cable news network said.

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 4(Photo: Shutterstock/CCinar) 

B: CNN said Hoi An is a warren of ancient temples, houses and stores built around a number of canals where hundreds of multicolored lanterns sway in the coastal breeze, CNN noted. Paper lanterns of another kind can be lit and sent soaring skyward, carrying a special written message.

A: It recommended the town's famous foods, notably the banh mi baguette sandwiches that made Anthony Bourdain one of their biggest fans.

A: Listening to our broadcast online on July 21st, David Tildesley wrote: “This is an excellent station. World news coverage is concise and accurate. It gives someone sound knowledge of Vietnam. I plan to visit your country in 7 months. I find it an importance source of information as I plan my trip. Job well done.”

B: Thank you for listening to our broadcast. We hope to see you some time in Vietnam. If you are in Hanoi, a visit to our VOV5 headquarters at 45 Ba Trieu street will be greatly appreciated.

A: This week we received a letter from a 9th grade schoolgirl of Bangladesh. Mariya of the Family Listeners Council wrote: “I listen to VOV on the internet and radio on the frequency of 7220 khz from 16:00 to 16:30 UTC. Reception quality is good. Your website attracts me very much. It helps me learn about the Vietnamese economy, culture, and society. My favorite programs are Letter Box, Sunday Show, Colorful Vietnam-Vietnam’s 54 Ethnic Groups.”

B: Thanks, Mariya, for tuning in to VOV and visiting our website at It’s a nice surprise to receive a letter from such a young listener like you. Your listening provides a source of encouragement for our work. We’ll acknowledge your feedback with a QSL card and send you some souvenirs. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

A: We’d like to welcome HM Tarek of Bangladesh to VOV. In his email to VOV this week, Mr. Tarek said he is the President of the Utsha DX Corner whose 47 members listen to our English program daily. Mr. Tarek and his club members want to have some information about the oldest library of Vietnam.

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 5National Library of Vietnam 

B: As the predecessor of the National Library of Vietnam, the Central Public Library of Indochina was founded on November 29, 1917. Over the past century, the library has played a role in Vietnam’s development by guaranteeing people’s access to knowledge and protecting important national archives.

A: In the beginning, the National Library was modeled on French libraries, and was tasked with collecting the best books of literature, the arts, and science, as well as all documents about Indochina. Between 1917 and 1954, the library amassed a huge collection of books and materials.

B: After Hanoi was liberated in 1954, the library began imitating libraries in the Soviet Union, paid more attention to practical research, and began supporting library studies in Vietnam. In 1957, the library began collecting books for an affiliate library in southern Vietnam. One year later, it was renamed National Library of Vietnam.

Wednesday July 24, 2019 - ảnh 6A book corner for children in National Library of Vietnam 

A: The National Library of Vietnam became a member of the World Digital Library on December 5, 2012. The library’s archives now contain 2.5 million items, including collections dating back to the 17th century.

B: From the initial 5,000 books, today’s National Library has become Vietnam’s biggest library, welcoming 2,000 visitors each day plus more than 6,500 online visitors via its website.

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