Bia Saigon promotes Vietnamese culture

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(VOVWORLD) - Saigon Alcohol - Beer - Beverage Corporation (SABECO)whose famous brand is Bia Saigon has cooperated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Vietnam (MoCST) to roll out several meaningful activities to contribute to the development of culture and tourism in Vietnam.

Joint effort to promote Vietnamese culture

Preserving and promoting national culture are always among a country’s top priorities playing an important role in fostering its economic growth, politics and society. To complete this task, a joint effort is needed.

Under the National Strategy for Cultural Development until 2030, culture must be positioned as high as economy, politics, and society. Promoting Vietnamese cultural values will motivate the country’s development in various aspects, especially in the tourism industry which reopened on March 15. After two years of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam aims to attract 65 million local and foreign tourists to earn an estimate of 400 trillion VND which will be a leverage to revive the tourism industry.

Culture tourism is expected contribute 15 to 20% of the tourism industry’s total projected revenue of 40 billion USD by 2030, according to the National Strategy for Vietnamese cultural industries development until 2020 and a Vision to 2030.

Bia Saigon promotes Vietnamese culture - ảnh 1Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Minister of MoCST, spoke at the Vietnam Tourism Promotion Seminar in Seoul (South Korea) on October 17th, 2022

Supports from businesses

Joining efforts to realize national strategic goals, SABECO has been working closely with the government and social organizations organizing several programs to honor and promote Vietnamese cultural values.

In May 2022, SABECO signed a three-year agreement with MoSCT to help upgrade the national sport level and promote Vietnam’s image as a must-visit destination of tourism, culture, and cuisine for both local and foreign tourists. By strengthening cooperation in culture, arts, tourism, cuisine, and sports activities, SABECO has demonstrated its strong commitments to promoting Vietnamese unique values. 

Bia Saigon promotes Vietnamese culture - ảnh 2SABECO handed over 5 billion VND to the Vietnam Administration of Sports (VSA) under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) on October 6th to support Vietnam’s national athletes.

Since the beginning of this year, SABECO has implemented several initiatives to support and honor Vietnamese culture and tourism. In collaboration with the HCM Communist Youth Union, the company organized a Culinary Culture Program called Đêm  Sài Gòn or Saigon Night in 36 cities and provinces to honor local cuisines. The company also hosted the C ASEAN, the Southeast Asian Arts & Culture event, and Thailand’s Art Exhibition CHAO 2022 exhibition to preserve Southeast Asian traditional culture and musical instruments among the young generation.

Most recently, SABECO was the main sponsor and partner of the Vietnam Culture and Tourism Festival in South Korea. The event took place from October 13 – 19 to introduce international tourists to many signature aspects of Vietnamese culture, including Bia Saigon - a brand that has been long associated with Vietnamese cuisine.

Additionally, SABECO has also demonstrated its commitments to the development of Vietnam’s sports through different activities. SABECO was the Diamond sponsor for SEA Games 31; supported the Doping Control Program at SEA Games 31; and sponsored Vietnam’s national football teams (both male and female), Bia Saigon Cup 2022 (VPL-S3) and Press Cup 2022…

Bia Saigon promotes Vietnamese culture - ảnh 3South Korean tourists in ao dai (traditional long dress) took pictures with Bia Saigon's 2023 Tet Collection at the Vietnam Culture and Tourism Festival in South Korea.

SABECO's continuous efforts to preserve and promote values of Vietnamese culture, arts, tourism and sports are part of the company's long-term strategy on sustainable development that focuses on the 4Cs: Culture, Country, Conservation, and Consumption.

Through the tripartite partnership with the government, businesses, and social organizations, SABECO commits to  more activities to support Vietnam’s development.