Application of digital technology - inevitable development trend

Nguyen Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The application of digital platforms is inevitable against the Fourth Industrial Revolution because it creates new business opportunities, improves competitive advantages, and optimizes corporate governance. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, any businesses which can adapt to and catch technology trends will grow further.
Application of digital technology - inevitable development trend - ảnh 1At a workshop of Garment 10 Corporation in Sai Dong, Long Bien district, Hanoi (Photo: Anh Tuan/VNA)

Garment 10 Corporation, which has operated in the garment industry for years and exports garments to countries around the world, considers digital technology an inevitable development direction.

Than Duc Viet, the Corporation’s CEO, says that applying automation management software to production has improved the company’s productivity.

He says that, in addition to investing in advanced production machinery and equipment, the Corporation has increased its investment in design software to thus significantly reducing time and cost.  

Viet recalled, “Three years ago, we invested in 3D fashion design software. Designing patterns and getting approval is done in the software. As a result, we have saved a lot of the time needed to create sample patterns and have cut shipping costs to the US, Japan, and Europe.”

Nguyen Thi Hong Trang, Deputy Director of the TSJ 365 Vietnam Company, said businesses will find it hard to survive and grow without keeping up with new technological trends.

She said, “If we don’t use IT, it will greatly affect business operations. Without IT, we’ll be left behind and can’t keep up with the global trends.”

According to the "e-Conomy SEA 2020" report by tech behemoth Google and state-owned Singaporean investor Temasek, Vietnam and Indonesia are the two leading Internet economies in ASEAN, with an average growth rate of 27% from 2015 to last year.

Last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam's digital economy was worth 14 billion USD, contributing about 5.2% of Vietnam’s GDP, and IT, e-commerce, and telecommunications grew strongly.

The strong development of the digital economy on a global scale is creating good opportunities for Vietnam’s economy. But it is also challenging Vietnam to choose the right strategies and adjustments.

According to Le Hong Ha, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Information Processing, “Although Vietnamese people are capable of applying technology, that application has certain difficulties, requiring an investment in resources. Application of technology can only happen with sufficient legal regulation and the support of society.”

The application of IT and achievements of the 4th Industrial Revolution has increased productivity and ensured sustainable, rapid growth in many countries.

Vietnam has been accelerating IT application to achieve its goal of becoming a developed industrial country.