Residents replant Dong Rui mangrove forests

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(VOVWORLD) - The Dong Rui coastal mangrove forests in Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh province, might be the most beautiful and unspoiled mangrove forests in northern Vietnam. Many of the mangrove trees there are hundreds of years old. After years of careless management, these forests are now coming back strong to protect Vietnam’s coastline and provide livelihoods for the local people.   
The Dong Rui coastal mangrove forests span 3,000 hectares, half of Dong Rui commune. Their great bio-diversity is typical of wetlands. Ecological research has revealed a unique topography and geomorphology that cannot be found in mangrove forests elsewhere in Vietnam.

In addition to the mangroves, which are its primary ecosystem, Dong Rui encompasses other ecosystems: estuary, tidal flat, lagoon, lakes and ponds, farms, and residential areas. The area is rich in species of fauna, many of which generate good profits for the locals. The mangrove forests have provided a stable livelihood for generations of locals.

Residents replant Dong Rui mangrove forests - ảnh 1New trees are planted to recover Dong Rui forests.

A resident named Nguyen Thi Phuong said, “This is the habitat of worms, clams, and fish. Snails make their homes on submerged trees. Wherever there are trees, there is life. We rely on marine life to earn our living. A child can earn up to six dollars a day hunting crabs and snails.”  

Dong Rui authorities and citizens have worked hard to revitalize the mangrove forests, which were neglected for years, and tighten forest management, aided by NGOs.

62-year-old Hoang Van Thong, who leads a community forest management team, said, “We have significantly increased forest coverage. Local people are now more aware of forest and seafood protection, thanks to our communications activities. We love planting trees. When we see newly-planted trees leaning at an angle, we pull them perpendicular.”

Loc Van Sinh, Chairman of Dong Rui commune’s People’s Committee, told VOV, “Afforestation has lately been adding 30 hectares a year. We are keenly aware of how important the mangrove forests are to our lives. They protect the national breakwater and the aquatic resources underneath give people a livelihood.”

Residents replant Dong Rui mangrove forests - ảnh 2Crabs taken from Dong Rui mangrove forests

Scientists say Dong Rui mangrove forests qualify to be on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance. Once recognized, Quang Ninh province will be empowered to more effectively respond to climate change and develop the resources of the Dong Rui mangrove forests.