Persimmons – a specialty of Da Lat in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

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(VOVWORLD) - Among the temperate fruits Da Lat has to offer, persimmons are the clear favorite. Persimmons can be eaten raw or made into one of the specialties that have made this resort town famous.  

Da Lat has a cool climate, ideal for persimmons. The persimmon harvest season, between July and November, coincides with the rainy season in Da Lat, so the fruit yields high volumes with minimal care from the farmers. Persimmons are high in sugar, vitamins, and minerals, which is good for human health. Da Lat persimmons, which are distinct from persimmons grown elsewhere, are sold throughout Vietnam and shipped to foreign markets.
Persimmons – a specialty of Da Lat in Vietnam’s Central Highlands - ảnh 1Fresh persimmons (Photo: VNA)

Da Lat persimmons are hung to dry or dried in ovens using Japanese or Korean technology.

Mai Xuan Long, Director of the Dat Lang Cooperative in Xuan Truong commune, said Da Lat persimmons, since receiving trademark certification, have increased their competitive edge. His cooperative works with farmers to improve product quality and secure outlets.

“Farmers participate in the production chain by growing persimmon trees to an approved technical standard,” explained Long.

The Da Lat persimmon certification was granted to household businesses in Lac Duong and Don Duong district, who grow persimmons on 600 hectares. Le Minh Tuan of D’ran township, Don Duong district, has enjoyed a higher income ever since. He is gradually shifting to organic farming.

Tuan said, “Persimmon prices have doubled or tripled. Visitors can come to see our orchard and processing line. We don’t use herbicides. We mow the grass manually and use organic fertilizer.”   

Persimmons – a specialty of Da Lat in Vietnam’s Central Highlands - ảnh 2Dried persimmons (Photo: VNA)

Ripe persimmons used to be sold fresh, coated with sugar, or dried. Now, the fruits are picked when they turn bright yellow, wrapped in paper, and sealed in a bag for seven to ten days to remove their acidity and add a crunchy texture and extra sweetness. A kilogram of dried persimmons is made from seven kilograms of fresh fruits.

According to Nguyen Van Son, Vice Chairman of the Da Lat People’s Committee, local authorities are making plans to boost the export value of persimmons and attract more tourists.

“We are encouraging businesses, cooperatives, and farm households to protect the Da Lat persimmon trademark. We teach them seeding, processing, storing, and packaging techniques. We have urged the Lam Dong provincial Department of Industry and Trade and the Center for Investment, Trade, and Tourism Promotion to introduce our products to a wider market domestically and internationally,” said Son. 


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