Exploring Lai Chau’s magnificent mountains

Nguyen Kien- Ngoc Anh
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(VOVWORLD) -Lai Chau province in northern Vietnam boasts imposing landscapes with magnificent mountains that are part of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Visitors are excited to conquer difficult mountain paths with primitive, beautiful scenery.
Exploring Lai Chau’s magnificent mountains - ảnh 1

Pu Si Lung mount at an altitude of over 3,083m in Muong Te district, is one of the highest mountains in Lai Chau province. 

A natural border with China, the mountain range embraces the beauty of the primitive forests and the pure Nam Si Luong  stream.

Hoang Quoc Viet, an adventurer from HCM city, said: “Adventure tourism is exploring for yourself. Mountains in Lai Chau are different from those in the northwest because they have ancient forests and natural forests. Miraculous scenery here is such a first experience for visitors.”

Ta Lien Son,  2,996m above the sea level, also known as Co Trau mountain in Tam Duong district is not the highest mountain in Lai Chau but draws a lot of adventurers. Along the road to the mountain summit are many beautiful places for check-ins and cloud hunting. The beauty varies between seasons. Sometimes, the mountain is blanketed with white camellias while other times, it turns red with the maple leaves or becomes green with fresh trees. Ta Lien Son is also home to ancient Shan tuyet tea forests which are hundreds of years old. 

Luu Lan Phuong, a visitor from Hanoi, says she is amazed by the charming beauty of nature, especially the azalea blossoming. 

Phuong said: “Ta Lien Son is the first mountain in Lai Chau that I has climbed. The beauty of forest gives me a lot of emotions. The more you go up, the more attractive the forests are. Mossy, old trees make your emotion burst out. Forest azalea blooms are very beautiful. They deserve to be called Queen flower because of their color and the way they bloom, particularly when you admire carpets of the flowers on the top of the mountain.”

Exploring Lai Chau’s magnificent mountains - ảnh 2

Like Ta Lien Son, Pu Ta Leng mountain peak is known for its height of 3,049 meters and is dubbed the roof of Indochina after Fansipan and Pu Si Lung peaks. To conquer the summit, visitors must pass through primeval forests, waterfalls, streams, and rich vegetation.

Pham Thi Hien Nhi, a tourist in Ho Chi Minh City, shared: “When I decided to join the trip to conquer Pu Ta Leng, I was very excited, because this is a pristine mountain peak. The road to the top of the mountain is also very difficult and long, requiring the conqueror to have health and endurance. The road to the top of the mountain has many steep slopes, requiring climbing skills, carefullness and patience.”

At an altitude of 2,967m, Po Ma Lung mountain in Phong Tho district is the 7th highest mountain in Vietnam. It has a wild beauty with flower beds stretching on both sides of the mountain, a system of majestic waterfalls, and a vast primeval forest.

Mr. Tran Tien Dung, Chairman of the People's Committee of Lai Chau province, said: “ Lai Chau province has many magnificent landscapes such as Pu Ta Leng peak and boasts rich culture of ethnic minorities. These peaks with their beautiful scenery are the ideal destinations for adventure tourism. The province is aiming at promoting adventure tourism and discovery tourism. “

Residents living around the mountains in Lai Chau are indigenous ethnic people with their own cultural identity. The peaceful, unspoiled beauty here has become an attraction for tourists near and far.