Bac Yen district – a touristy cloud hunting spot

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(VOVWORLD) - Fluffy white clouds drafting over rugged mountains, vibrant market sessions, fragrant Hang Chu liquor, aromatic tea, and the unique panpipe sounds of the local Mong ethnic people are what puts Bac Yen district, Son La province, on the radar of visitors to Vietnam’s northeastern region.
Pu Nhi farm in Bac Yen district, 1,000 meters above sea level, is an emerging destination on Son La’s tourism map. The farm sits atop a green pine hill from which you can see green grass fields stretching to the horizon. Pu Nhi farm rents tents hillside pitched in a large outdoor camping area. The farm’s fresh air and blazing sunsets behind the pine trees are irresistable.

Nguyen Anh Duc, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, said, "The roads and the fields formed my first impressions of Bac Yen district. I really want to explore this place more. Distinct from big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, it’s so enjoyable to inhale a lungful of fresh air."    

Bac Yen district – a touristy cloud hunting spot - ảnh 1Pu Nhi farm has a large camping area. (Photo: VOV)

Ta Xua, 14 kilometers from Bac Yen, is a cloud paradise. It’s one of the best places in Vietnam’s northeastern region to go cloud hunting. From Ta Xua’s peaks, you have a bird’s eye view of valleys, villages, and terraced rice fields peeking through drifts of white cotton-candy clouds. The colorful cultures of the Mong, Dao, Muong, and Thai ethnic minorities, reflected in their traditional festivals, folk songs, dances, costumes, houses, and handicrafts, add another layer of attractiveness.

Nguyen Trong Chinh, a tourist from Hanoi, told VOV, “I am astounded by the vivid mix of cultures of the different ethnic minority groups. I’m most curious about that of the Mong people and Shan Tuyet tea.”

Bac Yen district – a touristy cloud hunting spot - ảnh 2Ta Xua is a cloud paradise. (Photo: VOV)

The 'dinosaur’s backbone' of the Ta Xua mountain range in Hang Dong commune, the terraced rice fields in Xim Vang commune, the Khe Ho stone field in Hang Chu commune, A Phu cave in Hong Ngai commune, and the lotus pond in Hua Nhan commune are more wonderful sights Bac Yen district has to offer. A trip to Bac Yen district is incomplete without a boat trip along the Da river to admire the majestic landscape and visit a busy riverside market.   

Tea, liquor, and bamboo with salt and chili are Bac Yen specialties painstakingly prepared by the locals.

Thao A Mua, Vice Chairman of Bac Yen district’s People’s Committee, said the locality is tapping its potential while preserving its culture for tourism development. Bac Yen district is calling for further investment in upgrading transportation, accommodations, and tourism personnel in the hope of receiving 300,000 tourists in 2025. 

"We have a detailed plan to promote our tourist destinations to visitors inside and outside Vietnam,” said Mua.