Vietnamese agriculture improves quality for exports

Minh Long
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - As Vietnam integrates extensively into the world economy, major Vietnamese export items including agricultural products have more opportunities to approach large foreign markets. But to do so, the quality of these products must be improved meeting the quality criteria of export markets.
Vietnamese agriculture improves quality for exports - ảnh 1Vietnamese agriculture improves quality for exports 

Currently, only 4% of Vietnamese small and medium sized enterprises meet the processing regulations of the EU, US, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Most of the agricultural produce companies are small and medium sized with limited capital and technology, and few of them are proactive in seeking new export markets. Ms Vu Kim Hanh, President of the Association of the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Businesses said that international integration requires enterprises to change their business mindset to focus on the entire value chain including chemical use, preservation technology, traces of origin, and labeling. Hanh said: “We will have to change our mindset in the production and organization of supply chains. We need equipment and experts to ensure that we meet the requirements of export markets.”

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung said enterprises need to apply safe production methods and at the same time follow standards set by relevant Ministries and sectors in order to overcome technical barriers. Farmers also require capacity building when participating in the value chain. Tung said: “Enterprises that export to the US and other foreign markets will be overseen. They need to provide sufficient reports on each and every step of the production process. We will work with relevant ministries to develop criteria on food safety that are in line with international regulations.”

Vietnam earned more than 15 billion USD from agricultural exports last year, up 7.7% against the previous year.