Support delivered to people in pandemic-hit HCM city

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(VOVWORLD) - Since HCM City imposed the most stringent social distancing under the Prime Minister’s Directive 16, people in central Vietnam have been sending agricultural products to those unlucky people who now find themselves in a pandemic hotspot. 
Support delivered to people in pandemic-hit HCM city  - ảnh 1Young people in Quang Binh prepare food for people in quarantine camps in HCM City

People in Quang Tri province have been donating foods to HCM City. Women in Hai Truong commune launched a program called “Salt of love” to collect vegetables, cash, and labor to help the people of Vietnam’s largest economic hub.

Nguyen Thi Lan Ha, a kindergarten teacher in Hai Truong commune, said, 'We have been working together. We went to every house to collect donations. We worked from early morning preparing salted meat for our countrymen in HCM City as soon as possible.'

In one day, the Le Thuy Women’s Association in Quang Binh province collected more than 2 tons of fresh farm produce for HCM City. The provincial Youth Union have launched a donation program and the Quang Binh Tourism Club have collected 18 tons of fresh fish. Tran Thi Thuy Dung, the head of the Club, said the first bags of fish and dried shrimps have reached disadvantaged workers in HCM City and more will be delivered soon.

'After purchasing fish at the port, we process and freeze the fish and deliver it to HCM City. We are working with charity groups in the city who will deliver the fish to people in need,' said Dung.

Whatever the donations may be – fruits, vegetables, or fish – they represent the compassion people in central Vietnam feel for the pandemic-hit people of HCM City.