Son La plums offered on Vietnam Airlines flights

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(VOVWORLD) - Beginning June 10, Son La plums will be part of meals served by Vietnam Airlines. This will enhance the reputation of Son La plums.
Son La plums offered on Vietnam Airlines flights - ảnh 1

"We and other plum growers are excited to expand our sales. This will help us earn more money for our plums and improve our lives," said .guyen Van Tuyen of Chieng Hung village, Son La province.

He said he is excited to know his plums will go aboard Vietnam Airlines flights  and be served to passengers from all over the world.

Yen Son commune has 1,500 households, more than 5,400 people, whose income come mainly from growing fruit trees, particularly plums.

Do Van Thiet, Chairman of Yen Son commune’s People's Committee, said serving Son La plums with in-flight meals will drive up the demand for this variety.

He said: "We’re very happy and hope administrations at all levels will help us apply technology to our production in order to boost our income.

Yen Chau district has more than 3,000 hectares of plums with an average output of about 30,000 tons. The sweet, slightly sour, crunchiness of Yen Chau plums is attractive to consumers. Plums have mainly served the domestic market, but for the past 4 years, plums from Yen Chau and other parts of Son La province have been exported to countries around the world.

Son La plums offered on Vietnam Airlines flights - ảnh 2Lu Van Cuong, Chairman of Yen Chau district’s People’s Committee (Photo: VOV)

Lu Van Cuong, Chairman of Yen Chau district’s People’s Committee, said: “To have our plums served on Vietnam Airlines’ flights, we had to apply the Vietgap standards. We are helping local farmers to prune their trees to reduce each tree’s output and improve the quality of the product. We have also asked farmers to apply organic methods.”

The plum harvest season is from April to July. The trademark "Son La plum" has been registered at the National Office of Intellectual Property since 2021.

During a recent week to promote plums and safe agricultural products in Son La province and nearby areas, the Central Retail Vietnam Group signed several agricultural product sales agreements with enterprises and cooperatives of Son La province and other localities. Serving Son La plums on Vietnam Airlines flights was part of these agreements.