Safe adaptation for reopening

Ba Thi
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam has adjusted its COVID-19 strategy, giving thorough consideration to the current pandemic situation. It has shifted its goal from no coronavirus to safe co-existence with COVID-19 to revive the economy.
Safe adaptation for reopening - ảnh 1Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chairs the government meeting for September. (Photo: VNA)

Adapting to COVID-19 to allow the resumption of economic activities is a strategy being adopted by many countries.

Safe adaptation to pandemic

Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, Director of the Environmental Management Department of the Health Ministry, says safe adaptation means not pursuing the goal of zero COVID-19 infections, but accepting a certain number of infections in the community while guarding against fatalities and resuming economic activities.

At a government meeting last Sunday, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said socio-economic resumption and development depends largely on COVID-19 prevention and control. Taking into consideration the global response, the current pandemic situation, medical capacity, the vaccination roadmap, and recommendations from doctors and health organizations, Vietnam has a sufficient foundation to take a new approach of safe and flexible adaptation and effective management of the pandemic. Isolation, testing, and treatment remain the pillars, said Prime Minister Chinh.

“We have to stick to three pillars: isolation, testing, and treatment. Isolation should be as narrow as possible but strict and well-managed. COVID-19 testing should be rapid, scientific, appropriate, and effective. Treatment should categorize patients at an early stage to prescribe treatment at clinics or by telehealth to avoid serious illness or death. We have come up with a pandemic prevention and control formula: 5K plus vaccine, medicines, technology, and people’s awareness,” said Mr. Chinh.

Insisting that reopening the economy is an urgent task, the Prime Minister noted that opening should be cautious, well-organized, effective, and flexible for each locality to balance between opening and safety.

Ready to open, resume economic activities

Vietnam has sped up preparations to open and resume production. Last Sunday the government issued a Directive on reactivating production at industrial parks. Businesses have agreed with provincial and municipal People’s Committees on production, travel, and accommodations for employees and other measures. On September 25 and 26, the Prime Minister chaired conferences with businesses and local authorities nationwide on production resumption methods.

Vietnam has adopted the concept of vaccine passports or health passports to allow foreign experts, partners, and investors to come to Vietnam.

Safe adaptation for reopening - ảnh 2Nguyen Thi Huong Lan, Director of the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry

Nguyen Thi Huong Lan, Director of the Consular Department of the Foreign Ministry which administers the health passport program, said: “The importance of the vaccine passport policy to economic recovery has been mentioned in many documents of the Party, State, and Government, such as the Politburo’s Conclusion 7 on June 11 and the Prime Minister’s Decision 105 on September 9. The recognition of foreign vaccine passports is a foundation for creating a new visa policy that will allow the safe admission of foreigners to enter Vietnam.” 

President of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center Vu Tien Loc said that the Government and the Prime Minister have delivered a strong message of Vietnam’s resolve to push back the pandemic. The coronavirus cannot force Vietnam to shut down its economy. Vietnam has been and will continue to be a top destination for foreign investors.