Rooftop solar energy promoted in Dong Nai

Xuan Luong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Developing renewable energy including rooftop solar energy is a fundamental and sustainable solution to ensure national energy security. The southern province of Dong Nai is a case in point.
Rooftop solar energy promoted in Dong Nai - ảnh 1

Dong Nai enjoys favorable conditions for solar energy development with total sunlight hours of more than 2,400 per year. Solar energy is a clean, renewable, environment-friendly, and inexhaustible source of energy. Using rooftop solar energy cuts power costs in daily use and production, reduces dependence on fossil fuels. The number of rooftop solar energy users in Dong Nai increased rapidly from 26 last August to 770 this year. Truong Dinh Quoc, Deputy Director of the Dong Nai Electricity Company, said that although its use is still modest, rooftop solar energy has already reduced the strain on the power supply. “We do not provide installation services for customers but we are ready to give them technical support. We are developing rooftop solar power purchasing plans to make adoption easier for customers.”

By installing a rooftop solar power system, some people in Dong Nai province have cut their electricity costs and even sold surplus power. Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan used to pay 800 USD a month for the 4,000 to 5,000 kwh consumed his home and business. This year, he installed a rooftop solar system to save money: “I installed a 50 kilowatt peak system at a cost of 37,000 USD and in a month it generated 6,000 kilowatts of power worth more than 1,000 USD. It has boosted my income while reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Phuong Hoang Kim, Director of the Department of Electricity and Renewable Energy of the  Vietnam Electricity Corporation says rooftop solar energy does not affect land planning and use and it is one of the best ways to alleviate a local power shortage. 100,000 rooftop solar energy systems generating 1,000 MWp are expected to be installed nationwide by 2025.