Online shopping – a growing trend during the pandemic

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(VOVWORLD) - With Hanoi social distancing, many supermarkets, shopping centers, and convenience stores have shifted to online sales and delivery to avoid large gatherings of people on site and slow the spread of the pandemic.
Online shopping – a growing trend during the pandemic - ảnh 1(Photo: Internet)

Thanh Long Organic Farm Produce Shop in Van Bao street, Hanoi, is now selling its produce on Facebook and Zalo because normal sales have decreased sharply during the latest wave of COVID-19. Revenue from online sales now accounts for more than half of the total. Nguyen Minh Long, the shop’s owner, said online sales have helped him maintain his revenue while protecting the health of his customers and staff.

 'Previously, my customers were not very interested in shopping online. But since the latest outbreak of COVID-19, they have adapted to online shopping. We’re trying to increase online sales and improve our customer service.' said Long.

Small convenience stores are also promoting online shopping, especially for processed or ready-made food like pork paste, fried peanuts, sesame salt, and spring rolls, which are in high demand these days.  Le Anh Nguyet, who owns a shop selling ready-made food in Thuy Khue street, said her sales have doubled lately.

'These foods are easy to store, convenient to use, and save time preparing daily family meals. And customers don’t have to go out to shop, so they can avoid contact with others. Our rule is to ensure the quality of ingredients and their origins in order to keep our customers. We also need good cooking skills,' said Nguyet.

Many supermarkets have set up teams of shippers to deliver goods to online shoppers. The shippers receive daily body temperature checks and health monitoring.

Ngo Anh Tuan, the Strategic Product Director of Lotte Mart, said, 'We closely follow all instructions of the Ministry of Health, such as checking and recording each staff member’s body temperature, and disinfecting our hands and work environment. We ask our shippers to disinfect their hands before they deliver goods to customers at home.'

Online shopping is predicted to remain popular even after the pandemic. Right now, it’s time for businesses to improve and expand their online sales.