Foreign students in Vietnam get support to have a happy Tet

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(VOVWORLD) -  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many foreign students in Vietnam will not be able to return home during the Tet holiday. As Tet is Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebration, many universities have organized programs to support stranded students and give them detailed instructions on protecting themselves from COVID-19.

Foreign students in Vietnam get support to have a happy Tet - ảnh 1(Photo: internet)

Because of Tet, many school canteens and restaurants have closed. Some universities will allow their students to cook in their dormitories between now and the 5th day of Tet.

Dang Huong Giang, who is in charge of student affairs at the Water Resources University, said that 30 Lao, Cambodian, and Mongolian students will be staying in a school dormitory during Tet. This is the first time the dormitory has remained open at Tet, Giang said, adding that the school will give the students Tet gifts and some traditional Tet food to help them have a happy holiday.

'We are preparing trays of square sticky rice cakes, pork paste, candies, cookies, and sugar-coated fruit to let the students sample some traditional Tet dishes. We are reminding the students to stockpile some food for Tet because the canteens and restaurants will be closed for several days during Tet, and we’ve asked them not to leave the dormitory during this time.' said Giang.

Hanoi National University is organizing programs to ensure foreign students a happy and safe Tet. Nguyen Dai Thang, head of the University’s Me Tri Campus Management Board, said 60 foreign students have registered to stay on campus during Tet.

Thang said, 'This is the first year we’ve had foreign students staying in the dormitories for Tet. We have provided them with COVID-19 prevention measures, drinking water, and Chung cakes. We have worked with the Hanoi National University Hospital on a COVID-19 response to deal with any situation.'

At Hanoi University, the number of students staying on campus during Tet is higher than in any previous year. Nguyen Quyet Thang, Deputy Head of the Boarding Student Management Section said the school has arranged a room where the students can celebrate Tet.

'A convenience store on campus has beverages, snacks, and basic necessities. We’ve arranged a kitchen where the students can cook and a room where they can celebrate Tet with teachers who are still on duty.' said Thang.

University administrators in Hanoi say they have arranged to have a few staff members on duty during Tet to help the students if a problem arises, particularly any COVID-19-related situation.