Digital transformation creates an era of fast information

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(VOVWORLD) -  Digital transformation is Vietnam’s top priority of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The press which must react immediately to significant event has been changed by this process.  

Digital transformation creates an era of fast information - ảnh 1Reporters at a press conference of the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: VNA)

The 4th Industrial Revolution is widespread and advancing rapidly. The development of new media technology is prompting press agencies to accelerate digital transformation.

Digital transformation – a vital necessity for press agencies

Digital transformation helps journalism prove its worth to the public with more live reporting. Taking advantage of digital technology, some press agencies have developed multi-media convergence editorial office with a modern working environment. The production of high-quality journalism using big data and AI has given audience easy access to valuable information. Digital technology has helped journalists with information collecting, data analysis, production, and publication.

But press agencies are facing new challenges including fierce competition with newer media like social networks. It’s not just competition in information delivery, but also competition for revenue from commercials and subscription. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists face infection risks and have greater difficulty in collecting information while information is quickly spread on social networks without any censorship.

60 million of Vietnam’s 100 million people are social network users who can easily upload their own stories.  Press agencies now must constantly renew themselves to deliver accurate information to the public amid the information boom on social networks.

Journalist Ho Quang Loi, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association, said, 'Digital transformation in journalism does not mean just uploading stories to the internet but renewing the structure and organization of press agencies. We should build a multi-media convergence editorial office focused on digital publication and integration between printing, radio, TV, and online media platforms to deliver information to the public in the most efficient way. Digital transformation is vital to all socio-economic activities and journalism should be in the vanguard.'

Digital transformation creates an era of fast information - ảnh 2VOV Vice President Pham Manh Hung

Transformation for adaptation

Digital transformation is a challenge but also an opportunity for journalism. Over the past few years, many press agencies have transformed themselves dramatically.

The Voice of Vietnam is a key national press agency. With its multimedia platform, VOV’s stories can now be delivered in a more modern way.

VOV Vice President Pham Manh Hung said, 'It’s a challenge for VOV to adapt to the current fierce competition of information, but it’s also an opportunity. Journalistic skills are the prime requirements for VOV journalists. Radio, TV and website are simply supportive platforms. Journalists’ professionalism and technological advances both help VOV reach its audience quickly. We are winning because of for our information quality, accuracy, and professionalism.'

Adapting to adapt to technological changes in journalism and information access has put Vietnamese journalism on a par with others in the region and the world.