Aspiration for sustainable agriculture

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(VOVWORLD) - In its guidelines, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always encouraged Vietnamese farmers to become more advanced, productive, and efficient, and enhance their role in agricultural and rural development. These guidelines have helped farmers overcome obstacles and meet challenges to develop a more modern and prosperous agriculture.
Aspiration for sustainable agriculture - ảnh 1'Sun and Wind' farm in Ninh Thuan province (photo:

Sunny, windy Ninh Thuan province is nurturing many young people's dreams of developing a sustainable agriculture. On his "Sun and Wind" farm, since 2018, Nguyen Hoang Quoc has applied organic cultivation methods to ensure product quality with clear traceability according to Global GAP standards.

Engineers have showed the farmers how to produce safe green apples that meet the requirements of the market.

Quoc said: 'My dream is to do something for the community. Farming is not something we can do on a whim. We must start with an idea, work out a plan, consult, compare, and implement the plan. There must be a clear roadmap. Only in a scientific way can we achieve our goals.'

Sweet green apples growing between the grape vines are a familiar sight in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan province. After working more than 5 years in the city, Dao Manh Tiep returned to his home in Hoanh Son village. There Tiep has become wealthy, famous for making one crop a year economically sufficient. Tiep says that Ninh Thuan province used to produce three grape crops a year. The trees were aging quickly, the yield was small, and excessive chemical fertilizers were damaging the soil. Now, he grows just one crop a year, but produces better grapes.

Tiep said: 'Previously, my village was very poor and everyone worked as hired workers. Now they have land and grow grapes. Many also grow apples. A farmer can earn 3400 USD for an acre of grapes in one crop. Ninh Thuan grapes are firm and sweet, and we have learned from the experience of farmers in other provinces. Everyone now has a decent home, nice furniture, and a more comfortable life.'

Aspiration for sustainable agriculture - ảnh 2 (photo:

Farmers in Ninh Thuan province – and in other parts of Vietnam – have adopted high-tech, sustainable farming methods to increase productivity and product quality. Despite climate change and the COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnamese agriculture has maintained food security and earned a record 3 billion USD from exports last year. The Party Resolution on agriculture, rural areas, and farmers until 2030 with a vision to 2045 identifies agriculture as Vietnam’s primary advantage.

Vietnam considers developing agriculture, rural areas, and farmers a matter of responsibility as well as a matter of economic benefit. Government leaders, businesses, and farmers agree on the importance of protecting the environment to ensure a green, sustainable agriculture and a good quality of life for the people.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan said: 'Many international organizations praise Vietnam’s food systems and are ready to help us with models, experience, technical consultation, and funding to develop a green, clean, circular agriculture.'

Agriculture expert Dr. Dang Kim Son said it’s important to invest in machinery, technology, and human resource training to develop agriculture, and farmers should be in charge of developing agriculture and rural areas. He said it’s important to arouse aspiration and commitment and work out a specific strategy for agriculture and rural development.

Mr. Son said: 'It’s time for us to join together to create a large farm economy and large cooperatives, and link up with large enterprises to make complete value chains. Such a breakthrough will change the entire quality and efficiency of agriculture and push Vietnam's agriculture to a new, more productive stage of development.'

Agriculture, rural areas, and farmers play a vital role in national development. With 100 million people, 65% of them in rural areas, agriculture is a national advantage and sustainable agriculture will be the foundation of Vietnam’s national wealth, position, and international prestige.