Wings Books targets young adult readers

Bui Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - A new book category targeting young adults over 16 has been launched by Kim Dong Publishing House, a well-known publisher of children‘s books. Wings Books will try to satisfy young readers’ desire for more diverse content.
Wings Books targets young adult readers  - ảnh 1

Since its launching last March, Wings Books has introduced its readers more than 100 new book titles. The name “Wings Books” plays on youthful dreams of flying high. With the motto “Young Books – Young Minds”, Wings Books encourages young authors and welcomes all creative and experimental writings aimed at adolescents. Ta Diem My, a representative of Wings Books’ editorial board, said: "We select books on original topics and books that inspire young adults by exposing them to new ideas. We support works by young authors that encourage positive habits."

Prioritized in this category are books on psychological phenomena, violence, sexual abuses, and other modern social issues, as well as adolescent fiction.  Other topics are health, physical care, study, and vocational training.  Wings Books particularly likes books about humans and their pets.

"I like Wings Books‘ products. They’re interesting but not too difficult to read. Books in this category are not priced too high for students to afford. I’ve read a book entitled “Three thousand miles” from Wings Books. It’s a very good book on human psychology about loneliness and how to survive it," said Nguyen Viet Ha, a 2nd year student at the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanity.

Books written by young authors appeal to adolescent minds. Some popular titles are Hasu Tran’s adventure story “Mumbai and the night trains”,  Red’s comic book “Twins – soldiers’ kids”, and Mai Ha Uyen’s book “Youth – endless days”.

Ta Diem My told VOV: "Wings Books searches ceaselessly for new books for young adults like Japan’s “Light Novel”, a humorous detective story containing inspiring messages about life. Books written by young Vietnamese authors are a top priority."