promotes reading culture in digital era

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(VOVWORLD) - The 8th Vietnam Book Day was successfully held at the e-commerce trading floor in late April, marking a stepping stone in the country’s latest efforts to promote reading culture, especially in the era of digital transformation and modern technology.  promotes reading culture in digital era - ảnh 1The 2021 online national book fair on (Photo:

The event drew around 100 domestic and foreign publishers who sold more than 40,000 books, tripling last year’s figure. More than 5.9 million readers have subscribed to the online book fair over the past month, 60% of whom were from far-away provinces. The book show also included exchanges between writers and readers and discussions on reading culture, the digital transformation in the publishing industry and the way of approaching books in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The successful book fair signals encouraging changes in Vietnamese people’s reading habits as the nation embarks on a strong digital transformation and application of technology in daily life. It has created a playground connecting publishers and readers, contributing to promoting the reading culture widely, according to Nguyen Nguyen, Director General of the Authority of Publication, Printing, and Distribution under the Ministry of Information and Communications.  promotes reading culture in digital era - ảnh 2The book fair employs 4.0 technologies sponsored by Vitranet24 such as technologies for online seminars and chat-call for social networks. (Photo:

"The event has attracted a huge number of participants with a record number of book titles. 54 publishing units registered for the event with 15,000 book titles and more than 100,000 copies while dozens of sideline events were also organized. Thanks to the application of technology, readers from afar can also join the event," said Nguyen. 

For the 1st time, the online book fair had a copyright transaction space in addition to different spots for printing books, Ebooks, updated news and events. Books introduced at the event have reached every corner of Vietnam, according to  Mr. Nguyen.

"Thanks to many sponsors, books have been brought to localities across Vietnam, including those in remote areas, highlighting the importance of promoting reading culture among a wider public. The online book fair will provide the springboard for related agencies and organizations to further engage in the process of digital transformation," said Nguyen. 

Tran Chi Dat, Director of the Information and Communications Publishing House which manages the e-commerce trading floor at, said, " applied 4.0 technology of Vitranet for the 1st time with many interactive and connecting features, enabling hundreds of thousands of visitors access at the same time. We have tools to hold online video conferencing. Authors and readers can use the call-chat tool to interact.”
“When readers register for the online discussion, the system will automatically schedule and send them messages. The floor also provides tools to help guests and readers introduce books to people around them.”

The Ministry of Information and Communications said it will upgrade to further encourage reading habits in the community and celebrates appreciation of writers, publishers, distributors, and other affiliates in the publishing industry.