Anti-COVID-19 measures strictly enforced at festivals across Vietnam

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(VOVWORLD) - Taking a pilgrimage to pray for health, luck, and prosperity has long been a Vietnamese tradition in the new lunar year. A series of anti-COVID-19 measures have been put in place to ensure safety at  festivals and religious events across Vietnam. 

Anti-COVID-19 measures strictly enforced at festivals across Vietnam - ảnh 1Visitors have their body temperature checked and hands sanitized before entering Hanoi's Temple of Literature. (Photo:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has been largely under control in Vietnam, many relic sites and religious facilities have reopened with anti-COVID-19 measures strictly enforced in accordance with authorities’ pandemic preventive regulations.

Religious rituals and praying sessions are allowed to take place with a small number of participants. Control stations have been set up at venues of festivals and religious events to deal with any violations while posters with information on anti-COVID-19 guidelines have been hung up.

Body temperature sensors and automatic sanitizers have been installed at the entrance of the Thang Long Imperial Citadel relic site in Hanoi.  

"Visitors will have their body temperatures checked and hands sanitized right at the entrance of the site. We constantly advise them to keep their masks on during their entire trip. Visitors are divided into small groups to ensure social distancing," said Nguyen Thi Yen of the Thang Long - Hanoi Heritage Conservation Centre. 

Vu Quang Tam, a visitor from the central province of Quang Nam, said he feels secure while visiting Hanoi’s Temple of Literature as anti-COVID-19 measures have been enforced.

"Before entering the site, we have to sanitize our hands and fill in a health declaration form. We also keep our masks on during our exploration and only take masks off to take photos without too many people around," said Tam. 

Starting from March 13 (the 1st day of the second lunar month), the Huong or Perfume Pagoda festival resumed. Visitors are required to wear masks, constantly sanitize their hands, and fill in electronic health declaration forms. Cable cars are regularly disinfected. 

Anti-COVID-19 measures strictly enforced at festivals across Vietnam - ảnh 2A control station is set up at the entrance of Huong pagoda. (Photo: baotintuc)

"We’re very excited to hear that the Perfume Pagoda Festival has resumed in the 2nd lunar month. Visitors like us should abide by all anti pandemic measures to protect ourselves and others as well," said Tran Huy Van, a visitor from Yen My commune, Hanoi’s Thanh Tri district.

Big festivals like the seal opening festival at the Tran Temple in Nam Dinh province, the Giong festival in Hanoi, and the Yen Tu festival in Quang Ninh province have been postponed. Some other festivals like the Cua Ong festival in Quang Ninh, will be carried out without procession and usual activities. Lê Mạnh Sơn is a visitor to Cua Ong temple:

"Security and social order have been ensured at the site. Pandemic preventive measures including hand sanitizing, health declaration, and social distancing are very well organized. I feel safe and enjoy the landscape here even more," said Le Manh Son, a visitor to Cua Ong temple.